venerdì 20 maggio 2011


Saturday the 18 th of June we will make a stand against the destructive Globalisation. A stand against the unification of the world at the expense of the multitude of peoples and cultures that have been around our planet since the beginning of times. A stand against the Globalisation that leads to the complete destruction of the natural order within worldwide societies.

In recent decades we see an ever-increasing Globalisation. It’s an imperialistic process which affects every people on earth. The Liberal-Capitalist model and the free market economics are spread to almost every corner of our world. It’s a totalitarian system in which economics – production and consumption – is elevated to the highest goal in life. It’s a system which oppresses peoples worldwide and destroys their ancient cultural traditions in its constant pursuit for a “world-citizen”. A “world-citizen” without a soul who only wears Nike clothing, listens to IPods, watches TV, eats McDonalds and drinks Coca Cola.

The creation of the European Union has led to the fact that our people are affected in their sovereignty. Our land is no longer governed by our own people but by the policy makers in Brussels, who sold out their soul to the international capital which rules the world through supranational institutions. The one who rules the world economics, rules the world.

We, Nationalists, are the only ones who can turn the tide. Where Globalists just like other imperialists justify themselves with “universal” internationalist values, Nationalists justify themselves with blood and soil. We strive for a just world in which every people has the fundamental right to self-determination and individuality. We reject Globalism out of respect for the diversity of people and cultures worldwide and therefore we reject every form of internationalism and imperialism.

Where Leftist Marxists strive for a Leftwing-Globalism by replacing the Liberal-Capitalist imperialism for a Communist imperialism, we offer a true solution. We advocate a world of independent and free people. Free people who have the right of self-determination of their own destiny. For that reason we reject destructive imperialist philosophies that strive for Globalisation and force their “universal” values to every people on the planet.

We call out to support our demands on Saturday the 18 th of June! Demonstrate with us and make a stand against Globalisation!

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