giovedì 10 dicembre 2015

Interview with the AKBB!

Building the National Anticapitalist Resistance in Germany: an interview with Antikapitalistische Kollektiv Berlin-Brandenburg activists.
- Hello, can you give an introduction to the Group?
The AKKBB is a collaboration of different anticapitalist and national socialist groups, acting independent of any party or bigger organisation.
Our target is as simple as clear: destroy the system which protects and enables capitalism.
- What’s your attitude towards concepts like ‘Autonomy’ and what role do you think local groups can play in the present struggle?
These groups are acting autonomous. There is no big leader, no hierarchy, which allows us to stay undercover and gives security to local groups. This is important to keep the struggle alive in every town, because an action, which shows resonance in one town or area, will not impress any person in another town. This is caused by the different mentalites in all the regions. For example in the north, Germans are calm and restrained, in Berlin they are open for others.
So local groups are more important than anything else, because there is one big objective, uniting us all: save
People and nation by destroying the system.
- What are your usual actions (events, marches, stickering, etc)? Do you focus the attention and actions in specific subjects, like social, precarity, poverty issues or are they more theoretical, like against the NWO?
There are a lot of actions and we don't focus just a few. Any possibility to lead our people back on the right way is a welcome action for us. I don't think that stickers are that effective, but it's a good way to annoy antifascists and liberals. We try to bring the truth into the public: marches including the black block, stickers, graffiti, posters, sometimes just simple small talk to the neighbors. Everthing may be helpful. There are also campaigns we organise.
- Is there in your country any awareness about the brutality of capitalism system at this time?
At the moment people become aware that we shall be destroyed on a cultural way. The immigrants coming from all over the world, invited by the government are the best argument for us. Even the most dump and lazy liberal is able to switch on his tv and take a look at the news. We can show off how we all are fucked by this antisocial system. Billions for immigrants and nothing for unemployed people, no money for education, old people who are left alone to die in a small flat.
- What is your position on the ACN/AKN Network? Do you support the 5 points?
The AKK supports the political declaration of the Anti-Capitalist Network (ACN/AKN).
- What are your objectives, in immediate and long-term?
Our goal is to overcome the isolation and separation of the various pre-existing anti-capitalist forces in Germany.
- Thanks for the interview, anything additional you wish to add?
Thank you for the interview. AKKBB

sabato 28 marzo 2015

18 marzo 2015: Nationalists against capitalism

18 marzo, i movimenti anti-austerità si danno appuntamento all’inaugurazione del grattacielo (da 1,1 miliardi di euro, alla faccia dell'austerità imposta ai Popoli) sede della Banca centrale europea (BCE). All'evento non potevano mancare gli attivisti del movimento nazionale: "We want to bring all nationalists in Europe together for an anti-capitalistic movement. Against the austerity policy, for free peoples" ( ). Smash capitalism!



lunedì 16 febbraio 2015

Day of Action against TTIP & criminal globalization

On Jan 24 militants of Resistenza Nazionale – ACN/AKN, helped by friends of FN and Turin and Biella nationalists, took to the streets to protest against the free trade agreements between the EU and the United States (TTIP) and the criminal globalization! This is not the first time we choose to act against globalist games hoping to wake up peoples about. Those who acquiesce to the capitalist takeover are voluntarily choosing to live on their knees, subjugated, manipulated and exploited. As always, there are those who look at their own situation and seeing no immediate threat to their livelihoods, don't understand what all the fuss is all about. In these days the EU (proving once again that it has never been a project for the people, but for the bank elite!) will soon sign a comprehensive trade agreement with the US called TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). This is an assault on the sovereignty of our Nations. Officially, they say us that this will create jobs and improve economic growth. Yeah, always the same globalist crap, NWO-capitalist propaganda! However in reality the profiteers of this agreement are only global corporations, not the citizens. The TTIP strengthen the power of big business, while People’s interests will be weakened. The TTIP basically makes the dictatorship of capital a concrete reality. Liberalization and privatization should be one-way streets. Returning once privatized municipal utilities or hospitals to communal authority would be difficult or even impossible with the TTIP. Massive job losses threaten through the severe competition from overseas. Food standards and consumer protection threaten!
This cannot be allowed! What will become of our earth and our lives if such criminals actually lead the world? It would be nothing but a ruthless dictatorship of a
handful of corporate oligarchs around the globe (who have everything—wealth, power and privilege) while the rest of us struggle as part of a vast underclass, increasingly impoverished and ruthlessly oppressed and repressed. We have to say ENOUGH!  We have to realize that the government has been hijacked by this global corporate mafia. We have to revolt, to rise up in opposition, to fight back! No to TTIP! No to NWO/EU Dictatorship!

martedì 27 gennaio 2015


Sabato 24 gennaio militanti di RN e del network anticapitalista ACN/AKN, supportati da attivisti di FN Torino e dagli amici della comunità nazionalista torinese e biellese (che ringraziamo per il sostegno ricevuto) hanno organizzato una giornata di mobilitazione contro il TTIP (il Trattato Transatlantico per il Commercio e gli Investimenti), il mondialismo e per la Giustizia Sociale! Gli Stati Uniti e i burocrati dell’Unione Europea stanno segretamente negoziando l’ennesimo accordo commerciale (su cui ovviamente i cittadini non potranno esprimere il proprio parere e dare il proprio consenso) fatto su misura per gli interessi delle grosse corporation transnazionali e per il mondo del business internazionale. Semplificando, l’accordo, auspicato da gruppi mondialisti quali l’Aspen Institute e il Center for Economic Policy Research di Londra (ente finanziato da grandi banche internazionali), prevede che le legislazioni di Stati Uniti e delle Nazioni europee si pieghino totalmente alle regole di libero scambio che, se si guarda oltre alla solita propaganda diffusa dal sistema massmediale, avrà effetti disastrosi sulle nostre società, generando una gara al ribasso delle norme sociali, una progressiva scomparsa dei servizi pubblici, un abbassamento generalizzato degli standard dei diritti del lavoro e ulteriori delocalizzazioni (con relativa perdita di posti di lavoro). Insomma, si tratta dell’ennesimo tassello del progetto mondialista, la radice di tutti i mali odierni, di distruggere la sovranità nazionale dei Popoli e di incatenare l’intera umanità ad una realtà artificiale fatta di consumismo, sfruttamento, ingiustizie sociali e immensi profitti (ovviamente per le ristrette oligarchie globaliste). Oggi come ieri, la nostra risposta è sempre la stessa: