martedì 22 novembre 2011

L'avanzata delle oligarchie: Goldman Sachs conquers Europe!

Pubblichiamo alcuni stralci di questo interessante articolo (che invitiamo a leggere tutto):

"By imposing rule by unelected technocrats, it has suspended the normal rules of democracy, and maybe democracy itself. And by putting a senior adviser at Goldman Sachs in charge of a Western nation, it has taken to new heights the political power of an investment bank that you might have thought was prohibitively politically toxic.
This is the most remarkable thing of all: a giant leap forward for, or perhaps even the successful culmination of, the Goldman Sachs Project.

Simon Johnson, the former International Monetary Fund economist, in his book 13 Bankers, argued that Goldman Sachs and the other large banks had become so close to government in the run-up to the financial crisis that the US was effectively an oligarchy. At least European politicians aren't "bought and paid for" by corporations, as in the US, he says. "Instead what you have in Europe is a shared world-view among the policy elite and the bankers, a shared set of goals and mutual reinforcement of illusions."

This is The Goldman Sachs Project. Put simply, it is to hug governments close. Every business wants to advance its interests with the regulators that can stymie them and the politicians who can give them a tax break, but this is no mere lobbying effort. Goldman is there to provide advice for governments and to provide financing, to send its people into public service and to dangle lucrative jobs in front of people coming out of government. The Project is to create such a deep exchange of people and ideas and money that it is impossible to tell the difference between the public interest and the Goldman Sachs interest.


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Simone ha detto...

E' di certo una dinamica da tenere d'occhio quella recente di GS.
Una volta chiarito il giro occorre però, come è nella nostra natura VERAMENTE antagonista, e non come quella di altri finti oppositori, risalire un gradino in più.

GS usa i governi, ma amonte qualcuno usa GS.

E ricordiamo che è azionista della Federal Reserve.