domenica 19 agosto 2012


ANTIKRIEGSTAG demo - Dortmund, 1st September 2012.
It is that capitalism and its supporters and advocates that are unremittingly trying to expand their power and global influence by economic and military aggressions. Peoples, cultures and nations that have grown in millennia are reduced to debris and ashes if they get in the way of the insatiable greed of ever larger, evermore standardized markets and evermore favorable labor, which is inherent in capitalist thought. After their destruction, the states are rebuilt for the purpose of the international financial powers – not as sovereign people’s states but as unfree slave colonies of the world economy.
This prime cause of all misfortunes in the world today and also and especially of our own peoples has to be abolished by all means. For as long as the fundamental evils of capitalism are not fought to the roots, our whole struggle for a better future will only turn out to be a combat against effects and consequences, not against the reason itself.

Against Imperialist War-Mongering and Wars of Aggression!

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