domenica 13 maggio 2018

Skullhead: "Blame the bosses!"

Una grande band. Una grande canzone. Un testo immenso! Consapevolezza, sociale e politica, allo stato puro! Ed era il 1989.


I just do not sure blame you mate
When I look in your eyes and I just see hate
Don’t blame the blacks for the situation
They’re just a capitalist creation
I know that they shouldn’t be here
But they’re not the enemy to fear
The bosses are our enemy
Smash their power, save our country
So blame the bosses for the blacks
They’re the ones who stab our backs
Blame the bosses for the blacks
Fight the bosses, fight back fight back!
The reds they have not got a clue
They use the blacks for power too
Worse than the bosses, just commie scum
And like the bosses, their time will come
Repatriation is the only solution
Destroy cheap labor and rich boy pollution
Nationalism for every creed
Smash the bosses smash their greed!!!

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